About Us

What is Arizona Jeet Kune Do?

Arizona Jeet Kune Do (AZJKD) is an incorporation of techniques including striking, evasion, interception, grappling and mobility in combat.  Our Jeet Kune Do (JKD) training is designed to be a blending of technique with performance based physical training to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual well being and skill.  Lead instructor Eric Spiczka has over 19 years of Jeet Kune Do and sports performance experience (see bio).

At Arizona Jeet Kune Do you get:

  • A welcoming atmosphere
  • Personal individualized instruction
  • Small group setting
  • Challenging but enjoyable training for every experience and skill level


Our Lineage

Many consider Bruce Lee ™ to be the greatest mixed martial artist (MMA) of our time, with many top fighters citing his influence as one of the inspirations for their journey in martial arts.  Arizona Jeet Kune Do’s lineage is through Sifu Ted Wong (see bio) via personal instruction and additional training with TWJKD certified instructor Sifu Mike Rutter (link).  “Sifu Ted” was a personal student and close friend of Bruce Lee and the one whom many regarded as the leading expert in the later stages of Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do.  We do our best to honor this history and lineage as it heavily influences our training and fighting style.

Individualized Martial Art for the Individual

From our physical attributes and abilities to our experiences we all possess unique challenges and strengths that make us who we are.  Similarly, everyone’s goals and what they hope to gain from training in martial arts varies.  Some are looking for fitness, some discipline, while others have dreams of becoming a professional fighter.  To put it directly, we are all different!

In the same way, your training in martial arts should not only try to strive to understand, but capitalize on this individuality and tailor your training accordingly. At Arizona Jeet Kune Do the individuality of each student is evaluated as we work to personalize instruction to tailor a fighting style and training regimen that is unique to an individual’s goals, ability level and lifestyle.

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Our Philosophy

Training should not only be effective in refining the tools used in combat, but it should also be fun.  While our idea of “fun” includes hard work, sweat and effort, we feel that training in martial arts should be an enjoyable experience.  What’s more, we integrate skills based training along with the advances in exercise science and sports performance into an overall training strategy to increase your skill set.

The Arizona Jeet Kune Do system has applications in self-defense, mixed martial arts (MMA) and fitness allowing a wide variety of practitioners to realize their goals.  While we emphasize mobility, interception, evasion and footwork, in reality you are learning a valuable skill set that can be utilized beyond fighting in all aspects of your life.