Your First Class

Arrive early

Before you are able to participate in the class, you will be required to complete related paperwork. The parents of participants who are under the age of 18 are required to complete the paperwork, so please plan accordingly. Please show up 15 minutes before class begins to allow time for this, as well as preliminary instructions.  You will not be allowed to participate in any training until this paperwork is completed.


Jeet Kune Do (JKD) is a dynamic martial art where full ranges of motion and ease of movement are essential while training.  While we do not require the use of a uniform, wearing athletic clothing that that allows full ranges of motion and movement is required.  The studio floor is a sprung floor similar to those found in dance studios.   This design helps to decrease the impact that is felt in the knees and other joints while still allowing for the dynamic movements found within the art.  As such, a dedicated pair of shoes with non-marking soles will be required for training (some recommendations can be made by your instructor).  While you are not expected to buy new shoes on your first class, non-marking soles are mandatory and you will be required to check the soles to remove any gravel or other debris that may damage the flooring.

Fluid replacement

Training in JKD is rigorous, so a water bottle or a fluid and electrolyte replacement drink is required for every class.   While water can be provided at the studio, each individual needs to bring a container for this purpose.  It is recommended that hydration is to be maintained throughout the day and continued through the class so that training sessions are not negatively affected.

Of note, published studies show that a decrease in the body’s water levels (even as little as 2%) can have negative effects on performance.  More than that, severe dehydration can cause a variety of health concerns and need to be avoided especially when training.  This becomes essential in the Arizona summers when the heat and sun can severely decrease the body’s water levels.

Training aids

As you progress through your training in JKD, there are several training aids that can help you to develop as a martial artist.  Focus mitts and thai pads are utilized in most classes as these tools allow the mobility and freedom of movement essential to JKD training.  While these pieces of equipment are supplied at the studio, practitioners may find that they prefer to purchase their own to be used in their training.

While we do strive to train as safely as possible, there are some other essential pieces of equipment to help facilitate safe training including: head gear, mouth guard, boxing gloves and a groin protector (when applicable).  Once again, the training can be vigorous and sweating is expected. So in the interest of personal hygiene, these pieces need to be purchased by each individual and will not be provided.